A few weeks ago, we were beside ourselves to hear that living treasure Celine Dion was getting her own blessed biopic, The Power Of LoveToday, we are actually, literally screaming at the news that there are not one but TWO movies about the Canadian diva coming our way.

Not since the days of Armageddon and Deep Impact have there been two competing movies so ready to capture the public’s imagination and revitalise our love of cinematic spectacle and wonder, and now, here we find ourselves. Truly, what a time to be alive.

The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Celine Before Celine, an English-language biopic from Quebecois director Marc-Andre Lavoie, is set to go into production next year. Per the official plot description:

“[The film] will follow the iconic singer’s family upbringing before global stardom and life with future husband and manager Rene Angelil.”

Given that the film covers the singer’s upbringing, we can only hope to see iconic moments like the one described here brought to life on screen:

Celine Dion has throw her support behind the movie, giving the filmmakers access to “family testimonies and archives”, and in a letter to director Lavoie and producer Adrien Bodson, she said:

“I wanted to let you know just how much I was touched by the film that you are preparing. With your unique approach, you managed to seize the essence of a period that is very dear to my heart.”

The Power Of Love, meanwhile, is a French-language movie that will also trace her life from her childhood to her rise to fame as a teenager and marriage to Angelil, and the film has been given the rights to some of her biggest hits.

Okay, okay, before we go, here’s ONE MORE iconic moment from 1990, when she staunchly refused to accept an award for an English language album on live television, because she didn’t like the name of the category. Hopefully this makes it into one film or the other, if not both:

Fuck me all the way up, Celine.

Source: Hollywood Reporter
Image: AAP / Hahn Lionel