Note: ‘The Good Place’ season three spoilers are kept to a minimum… except for that lead image. I saw the pun and now you have to, too. 

The Good Place season three finally hit Netflix this week and while viewers rejoiced in the return of our most beloved characters, others were tossing just a few question marks over the – I have to write it but it really hurts me to – Australian accent on the show.

You can’t miss it because it hits you within the first ten minutes of the first episode. At first you’ll let it slide but then it hits you again and again and again and then you’ll find yourself in a Very Bad Place.

Not all the Aussie accent attempts are horrible, some are passable, but the majority are not great. In fact, I would say the cast are purposely fudging it. Perhaps one person couldn’t do it so they all decided to let loose. There’s even some self-awareness going on because a certain character says, “I’m really nailing the Australian accent here” when he’s clearly NOT so this particular line makes me think it’s all a bit of fun.

Anyway, people had a lot of thoughts and pain to release on Twitter.

I’m going to be honest, despite being in the setting they were in I didn’t even realise Ted Danson was doing an Aussie accent until he said the word “mate” too many times. And then I cried.

All of this.

Sadly, unlike Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Good Place is a weekly thing so you won’t be able to watch the next episode until October 5. That should give you enough time to forget about the accents.

In other news, this is bad (if not a joke).

As one user replied: “Yeah nah we don’t sound like that…”