IDK How Else To Say This But Kyle Sandilands Is Now Involved In *That* Horny Zac Efron Tea

Zac Efron attending film premiere wearing black button up shirt and grey jacket and Kyle Sandilands during The Kyle & Jackie O show speaking into a microphone

Honorary Aussie Zac Efron has broken his silence to Kyle Sandilands of all people, after model and podcast host Perrie Kap spilled some tea about the actor’s alleged sexual preferences.

This story has certainly evolved in a way which I wasn’t expecting. I don’t like it, if I’m being honest.

Sandilands revealed on Thursday that Efron had tuned into The Kyle & Jackie O show when the duo were discussing Kap’s claims that her mate had bonked Mr High School Musical and he had a penchant for … eating out.

“Remember the other day you were playing some podcast chick telling everyone how Zac Efron eats women out and loves going down on girls?” he asked his co-host Jackie O.

“Well, Zac is in Melbourne and was listening to us on the app and then I got a text after the show [saying], ‘Thanks for having my back, bro!’”

Jackie O asked if Efron was being sarcastic, which is a completely valid question and one I would also probably ask. I hate to say I agree with these people but credit where credit’s due.

“No, no, no,” Sandilands answered.

“Apparently I [had] said, ‘A real man takes care of his woman.’”

Look — I understand the sentiment in that going down on a woman is a normal, lovely part of sex and anyone who stigmatises it can fuck off. This is not The Sopranos when Uncle Junior got razzed for eating pussy.

But hearing Australia’s worst bloke say, “A real man takes care of his woman,” actually made me dry heave. I still feel physically ill. For all that is good and holy in this bastard world, I do NOT want the texts between noted besties Kyle Sandilands and Zac Efron to leak.

All this hullaballoo started when Kap took to her This One Friend podcast alleging that her mate was rooting Efron for a hot minute and the man couldn’t get enough of going down on her.

“I have this one friend who was hooking up with Zac Efron for a while … She was one of those people that hangs out with a lot of celebrities, so she was quite nonchalant about it,” Kap claimed.

She said she started digging for more details and her friend gave her an intriguing answer.

“[My friend] kind of said it in an annoyed way,” Kap said.

“She was like, ‘Oh, he was always going down on me,’ and for some reason the conversation ended and I never got to follow up with her why this was an annoying thing.”

I mean — there are worse things your significant other can enjoy doing. I don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum but I’m just putting it out there.

This One Friend co-host Andy Curtain said Efron’s new nickname should be “Zac Muffron” and you can’t tell me that William Shakespeare isn’t rolling in his grave ‘cos he never penned something so spectacular. My life will never be the same after hearing that.

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On a more serious note, however, I think it goes without saying that sharing such intimate details about other people’s sex life is a bit fucked up ethically and raises issues about consent.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing shameful about sex. ‘Tis a natural, stoonin’ and enjoyable thing! We also go hog wild for goss — but unless the folks doing the deed are happy for details to be shared, I don’t know if it’s another person’s place to flap their lip about it.

Obviously, Kap’s mate and Efron might have given their consent for the story to be featured in the podcast. We just don’t know.

What we do know for sure, however, is that Zac Efron is currently in Melbourne shooting his new flick Ricky Stanicky. Do with that information what you will.