This morning, it was revealed that Zac Efron and his Byron bae Vanessa Valladares had torched their whirlwind 10-month romance, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph.

Here’s the thing though, I’m kinda convinced that something abrupt and heavy must’ve gone down, because as recently as the Easter long weekend, the pair were tied at the hip, as she’s been travelling with him while he films his projects including Stan Original Film, Gold, and his Netflix documentary series, Down to Earth with Zac Efron.

She even appeared in a few scenes of the doco, as she was spotted on-set alongside Zac’s lil bro Dylan Efron, and was presumably introduced as his girlfriend.

Over the Easter long weekend, Zac and Vanessa reportedly stayed at a rural motel and the daughter of a woman who works there sung their praises to international goss Insta Dexumoi.

She said Zac is “the nicest celeb she’s ever met” and, you’ll bloody love this, he “smells nice nice.”

She went on to say that his girlfriend, Vanessa, who he met during his stay at Byron Bay, was “also lovely and she did hers and Zac’s washing.”

So to go from happily travelling together and starring alongside one another in a Netflix series to suddenly calling it quits makes it seem like something wild and sudden must’ve happened, right?

Well, according to Kyle Sandilands, who, apparently, is the best mate of Zac Efron, claims there was “no drama” in their break-up.

I was kidding about the besties part, but they are legit friends, as the shock jock was in attendance at the Hollywood star’s 33rd birthday celebrations in Byron Bay back in October.

Kyle said their split was “recent” but not “yesterday recent”, which makes me even more convinced that something drastic and sudden happened as they were fine and dandy not long ago?

Zac Efron and Vanessa were set up by her manager at the Byron Bay cafe where they met, The General Store.

Vanessa was working at the popular café as well as the Light Years restaurant when she met the Hollywood star back in July last year and her boss seemingly set them up.

According to the Daily Mail, Vanessa then quit her job to spend more time with Efron and travel the country with him before ultimately calling it quits.

Can’t wait for the biopic to come out, TBH.