Yanks Yoink ‘Upper Middle Bogan’, CBS To Adapt For ‘Murican TV

Australian TV shows don’t exactly have a sparkling recent record when it comes being adapted for the US market.

American networks have bought the rights to a swag of recent Aussie hits with hopes of crossover success, only to find that most have hit various walls along the way.
The US version of Rake found the bin after just one season, and the less said about the utterly woeful attempt at bringing Kath & Kim to American screens the better. In fact, the only real recent sort-of success stories came in the form of the FX adaptation of Wilfred, and the currently on-going Review series (the success of which is largely due to the mammoth comedic talents of Andy Daly).
So with that level of weary cautiousness in mind, it’s been revealed today that CBS has bought the adaptation rights to the surprise ABC hit Upper Middle Bogan, and plans to at least shoot a pilot of an American version of the series.
The revelation from Variety, buried away in an article largely about something else, also revealed that original ‘Strayan creators/husband & wife duo Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope will pair up with former Cheers/Frasier/Modern Family producer Dan O’Shannon to develop the adaptation.
Whilst shipping fresh, successful Australian content overseas is always seen as a positive, it’s obviously hard to see how the stereotypical ‘Strayan humour will translate across.
But hey, if it means the gorgeous orchestral arrangement of pub-closing staple “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?” by The Angels gets heard worldwide, I’m all bloody for it.

And hey, now’s as good a time as any to get acquainted (or re-acquainted, as the case may be) with the OG series.
Both seasons one and two of Upper Middle Bogan are available to be streamed, in full, thanks to the eternal majesty that is ABC iView. Get involved!
Source: Variety.