World Youth Day – The World’s Biggest Farce?

Don’t get me wrong I think it’s totally cute having an extra few hundred thousand mega camp teenage boys running around Sydney singing “Hallelujah” whilst sporting their matching made-in-China “Australian” shirts. Surely this can’t be the meaning of Christianity though?

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Christianity as a whole, base it self around being caring and helping others? How is World Youth Day helping anything on a major scale? I mean, besides giving children who grew up under strict super conservative parents a chance to get out for a week or two on their lonesome?

Australia has spent $85 Million+ (Probably something more to the tune of $1.6 billion by now) on hosting WYD, but is it worth it?

Let’s use those World Vision “save-a-starving-child-for-a-$1-ads” as a bench mark. So now tell me how many kids could’ve been saved? Doing a bit of simple maths you’d realise that, lets say; 500,000 return international flights @ an average of $2000 each, would total 1000 million dollars AKA $1 BILLION. Therefore the coin dropped on flights alone could’ve supported 273,972.6 starving kids for 10 years – a much worthier cause, right? As a Catholic kid from birth, the latter just makes more sense. And that’s all without taking into consideration the $85 mill the NSW government, or shall I say tax-payers, have dripped over the event, as well as all green wasted on ghey merch and the policing of the frauds.

And did I mention the negative effect on the Earth from all the gas that’s been burnt making this happen? (Note: Even though I personally don’t buy the whole global warming gig, I know you probably do, hence why I mentioned it [These aren’t the views of Pedestrian as a whole or anyone else in the office].) And our homeboy PM Mr Rudd is on the cover of all of our major papers getting roasted for making 24 overseas flights since his Prime-Ministerial term begun 7 months ago, hardly a slice of the pie in comparison with 500k+ trips huh? What’s up with that?

When will all of Bene’s disciples realise that the you shouldn’t have to pay for God & that all the best things in life come for free?…I.E. Pedestrian Issue 14 – in stores mid August.

Edit: Hang on a second, who I am to say anything? The previous 356 words go against everything I’ve ever felt about blogging rants and how much I hate them. We’re all hypocrites right?