If you’re looking for objectivity in monkey journalism, then you’d better LOOK ELSEWHERE, YOU GUYS, because monkeys are terrifying, and today’s events just prove that.

Various sources are reporting that, earlier this afternoon, a woman aged in her 50s was hospitalised after a monkey attack on the Gold Coast set of Pirates Of The Caribbean 5.

It remains unclear whether the woman was actually working on the film, which is being shot at Movie World Studios, a place apparently crawling with fur-bearing hell beasts just waiting to strike. 

Details are scarce at this point, but a Queensland Ambulance representative has said that the monkey bit the woman on the ear, and that she has been taken to Allamanda Hospital.

We’ll have more information as it comes in.

[Please note that the monkey pictured above is not the one from today’s attack, but is a monkey allegedly going by the alias of ‘Chiquita‘, pictured at the 2011 premiere of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.]

via 9 News

Photo: Kevin Winter via Getty Images