Scare The Turds Outta Yourself W/ Advanced Tickets To ‘Happy Death Day 2U’

Valentine’s Day, you cursed beast, you’re almost upon us. If you’re one of the lucky ones who’ll be all coupled up and cutesy on this fateful day, then although we’re happy for you, just know that secretly we grumble at every image of you and your boo.

But it’s FINE, we’re not bitter. And if you’re reading this right now thinking, “Um, actually you’re wrong – I’m a little bitter”, that’s fine too.

‘Coz if you’re incredibly lucky, come Valentine’s Day you’ll still be thinking about how you were simply too busy living it up as a seriously important attendee of the Happy Death Day 2U screenings in either Sydney or Melbourne the night before.

All you’ve gotta do to win these exclusive preview screening tix is to tell us in 25 words or less: what is the most horrific day you’d hate to relive?


Yep, a selection of lucky folks (100 in each city to be exact) will score double passes to go check out the sequel to the movie that made all of us absolutely fucking terrified of plastic baby masks.

But this time, things are sliiightly different. In Happy Death Day 2U, the masked murderer is intent on killing more than just the protagonist, Tree. They’re after all her friends, and she has to keep dying over and over again in order to save their lives.

I don’t know about you, but dying repeatedly for my friends seems like a pretty massive show of loyalty – TBH I reckon you can show them the Valentine’s love just by taking them with you as your plus one and they’d be happy.

Peep the details for the screenings below and chuck a note in your calendar if you feel like manifesting a win.

Sydney screening details:

Wed 13th Feb

Event Cinemas George St, Cinema 9

6:00pm arrivals for 6:30pm screening

Melbourne screening details:

Wed 13th Feb

Hoyts Melbourne Central, Cinema 3

6:00pm arrivals for 6:30pm screening

So what would you hate to relive? It might be as tame as the morning you accidentally called your teacher ‘Mum’, or it could be something just as bad as Tree faces in the flick – ya know, with the murdery fake baby and all that. Whatever floats your boat – or sinks it.

Have a peep at the trailer below to get hyped.