Who Will Be Booted Off ‘The Voice Australia’ Tonight?

In addition to second round of live performances from Team Delta and Team Seal, tonight The Voice will farewell four of the remaining 19 contestants, a pair from Team Joel and a pair from Team Keith. So who will be eliminated? We have our suspicions of the most likely voices to exit the show…

As reality tv vernacular would phrase it: It’s time to go… LAURA.
Joel took a gamble last week when he chose “Somebody That I Used To Know” for Laura Bunting because of its extreme overexposure via multiple cover versions (see also Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”). Laura impressed the judges with her original audition (Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights”) but her aggressive mad-eyed rendition of Gotye was the stuff of nightmares. It’s hard to imagine the general public will have voted enthusiastically after that. You can re-live the nightmare at the Team Joel web page.

Laura being scary:

[UPDATE: There is only one contestant from Team Joel being eliminated tonight, so feel free to disregard the below.]
Joel’s blue eyed Kiwi pop lad Ben Heazlewood hasn’t done anything as offensive as Laura’s ill-advised Gotye performance, but the very fact he is so unoffensive might end up being his downfall. He just isn’t as memorable or popular as the other remaining Team Joel contestants: red haired belter Sarah De Bono, “Australia’s answer to Beyonce” (according to Joel) Prinnie Stevens, and annoyingly nonchalant (or possibly drunk) teen dream skater boy Laykn Heperi. I don’t think Ben can compete.

Soz Ben:

Sorry Jimmy Cupples but you are too old for the general public to vote for, and if Keith is sensible he’ll have to let his “rock dude” go – if for no other reason because in last week’s episode his version of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was terrible.

No, Jimmy, thumbs down.

Taga didn’t perform badly last week but, like our Ben prediction, this is guesswork that comes down to a process of elimination. For starters, if the public don’t vote in the old dude who everyone loves Darren Percival then Keith definitely will keep him on the show. Diana Rouvas and Adam Martin will probably go well with the public vote after pulling off solid performances of popular songs while simultaneously looking good; so it will probably come down to Taga and Keith’s remaining team member, Brittany, who I think is the dark horse in the public vote this week.

Taga Paa:

We’ll find out if we’ve accurately divined the truth on The Voice tonight from 7:30pm, Channel Nine. We’ll be live blogging as usual so please join the chat.

Images via thevoice.com.au