WATCH: Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush Returns, Runs For Office On ‘SNL’

Political humour is the pinnacle of #jokingnotjoking, and it’s basically the premier delivery system for weapons of mass criticism. So, when imitating George W. Bush – a man known for his misguided pursuit of said weapons – you bring out the big guns yourself. If you’re SNL, that means wheeling Will Ferrell and those fake eyebrows out of storage. 

Even then, Ferrell’s latest turn as Dubya for Saturday Night Live hides some harsh truth behind the yuks. You’d think Bush has already had his time in the crosshairs of comics, but that’s exactly the conceit of the cold open: the current crop of Republican nominees are either so ineffectual or batshit insane that Bush, Jr. has decided to have a go at the Oval Office again, too.  

Taking runs at Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both of whom are the children of immigrants but have campaigned on stricter regulations for new Americans, “Bush” says “I, for one, like the Mexican people. They are my amigos… Unless your name is Running Bear, or Chief Two Rivers, we’re all anchor babies.”

Of course, there are digs at Trump, but he saves the best for “his” brother, Jeb. 

“You’ve gotta admit it’s a pretty good plot twist that I turned out to be the smart one.”

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