WATCH: Trailer For The Old Wolverine Film ‘Logan’ Is Here & It’s Fkn Sick

FUCK YEAH, the trailer for new Wolverine film ‘Logan‘ is here, and – to be clear, this is 100% not an ad – it looks fuckin’ sick. 
Its now the year 2024, and the only X-Men left are a very weak Wolverine, who’s now battling alcoholism and chronic pain, and an extremely aged Charles Xavier, whose telepathic abilities are also diminished. 
But despite being pretty dang old and over it, Logan/Wolverine is called upon to help a little girl, who was given the same powers as him (retractable claws and superhuman strength) in a government program that turns children into assassins. 
It looks completely goddamn excellent, and unlike any X-Men film we’ve ever seen before. EVER.
Oh, and just a warning: it’s set to Johnny Cash‘s version of Nine Inch Nails‘ track, ‘Hurt‘. It will probably make you feel many things. 
Watch below: 
Source: Supplied.