That new Wolverine movie that Hugh Jackman appears to have gotten insanely roided up for finally has some details we can be teased with, courtesy of this quite excellent poster. Turns out it’s called Logan, which strikes me as a cool, badass way of aping on Creed.

Director James Mangold also tweeted out an excerpt from the screenplay, which contains an interesting tidbit – apparently this film won’t be a “city block-destroying CG fuckathon” which… bodes well, I guess?

This could be a nice change, seeing as all current Marvel movies can charitably be described as city block-destroying CGI fuckathons. The Wolverine series has always tried to be a little more emotionally grounded than, say, The Avengers, but hasn’t quite nailed it in the past. 

It appears that this film will feature an older, alcoholic Wolverine who is in a “constant state of chronic pain” a state which probably doesn’t lend itself well to him laying waste to entire cities like Thor.

I won’t lie, though – that poster is cool.

Source & photo: Twitter.