Now, as a preamble, please mark me down as a skeptic. The previous two Wolverine movies have been OK, but nothing super special. The first one was a complete mess, the second one was somewhat redeeming but still not that great.

But props to whatever company 20th Century Fox is outsourcing their trailer development to for Logan, because they’re doing a red hot job of getting the internet hugely amped up. Logan is supposed to be a grittier, stripped down tale of an older Wolverine, and the dusty desert visuals and heavy blues soundtrack is really selling it here.

Kaleo‘s Way Down We Go was a pretty inspired choice for the soundtrack, and felt a bit less contrived than the tried-and-true ‘let’s just chuck Johnny Cash‘s Hurt on it’ that the last trailer went for. Very solid.

The internet is going wild over this one, in disgusting internet form:

Logan hits cinemas in March.

Source: YouTube.