Query: is it right to dismiss Brock Baker’s latest impression video as pure, nostalgia-targeting cynicism if he admits that’s exactly what it is – and if the impressions are objectively good?

We’re not sure we’re qualified to answer that question on our own (Nickelodeon returns and Cheez TV renaissances, waddup), so perhaps it’s best to ponder your own predilection for comforting childhood memories while you watch the bloke embody Mrs. Bighead from Rocko’s Modern Life.

WATCH: This 90’s Nickelodeon Impression Vid Is Spot On & The Dude Knows It

Yeah, that’s the long and the short of it. 

Also, fair crack of the whip, Brock – inserting a smashing meme on 2016’s hot new thang Dat Boi is an unexpected but nonetheless coherent melding of memes. 

Click play, close your eyes, and you’re eight again… If eight-year-olds listened to adult men discuss how absurd what they’re doing is, through the era’s bizarro characters:

Source and photo: Brock Baker / YouTube.