This one goes out to everyone who dared to forget just how harrowing Game Of Thrones can be: you’re wrong. You will remain wrong. And Serj Tankian’s vocal intensity has been committed to record lest you ever forget again.

As part of composer Ramin Djawadi’s recent concert at The Forum in California, the System Of A Down vocalist made a surprise appearance to absolutely belt out The Rains Of Castamere. 

If you’re unfamiliar with that name, we can almost guarantee you’ll still recognise the tune, and its stabby place in Game Of Thrones canon. Take it away, Serj.



It’s hardly the first time Djawadi’s haunting arrangement has been wheeled out by a mainstream muso. Your oaken-voiced pals at The National were enlisted to provide their own version.

Game Of Thrones returns to HBO for its final season on July 16. No word on whether we can expect to cop an even more powerful rendition of the tune when that blessed day arrives.

Source: David Lopez / YouTube.
Photo: @youngfuego / Instagram.