Why can’t you Hollywood fat cats just leave things alone? Haven’t we suffered enough mediocre reboots? Apparently not. 

Universal are rebooting The Mummy, assumedly because the world has completely run out of imagination and gained a blatant, unquenchable thirst for money. 
And who’s the best person to head up this completely unnecessary reboot? Fucking Tom Cruise, of course. 
Starring alongside the Scientologist weirdo is Australia‘s very own angry uncle, Russell Crowe, an equally pissed off mummy played by Sofia Boutella and X-Men: First Class star, Annabelle Wallis
Details are pretty sparse at this stage, but as is the trend with these remakes, it appears they’ve gone for the darker angle rather than the classic 90’s goofiness of the originals. You can check out the trailer below.

Photo: The Mummy.