WATCH: The Full ‘Jerry Before Seinfeld’ Trailer Packs More Than Punchlines

The Netflix cup of stand-up comedy specials truly runneth over in 2017, and one of the biggest fish of all is dropping extremely soon in the form of Jerry Seinfeld‘s first special in a helluva long time.

But Jerry Before Seinfeld isn’t just a straightforward bunch of gags. Rather, it’s a spliced together journey through Seinfeld’s history in the business, tracking his childhood in New York through documentary style footage, spliced together with footage from his show at the legendary Comic Strip club where he cut his teeth.

Netflix has today dropped the first full trailer for the special, which shows Jerry walking the audience through some of his earlier material, and hints at a career retrospective of sorts, following the then-burgeoning comedian right up to his debut appearance on the legendary Johnny Carson show.

While the idea of one of the all-time greats simply recycling well worn-in material by itself might sound a bit naff, the idea of Jerry digging through his archives and providing anecdotal context – linking the material to his real-life upbringing and career – is a pretty tantalising prospect for any self-respecting comedy nerd.

Jerry Before Seinfeld hits Netflix come September 19th.