Ah, yes. IT. Stephen King’s classic coming-of-age tale, full of wistful sentiment, youthful optimism, and psychopathic goddamn clowns. 

It’s returning to the big screen mighty soon. And it has a brand new trailer, packed to the brim (packed to the drain?) with fear, red balloons, and Bill Skarsgård’s endlessly fucked Pennywise. 

While the new adaptation has landed a steady trickle of trailers, this one here is the first to showcase old mate’s creepy goddamn voice, and the mantric use of “you’ll float, too.” It’s creepier in context, trust us. 

The thing hits Australian screens on September 7.  With any luck, it’ll spark a moratorium on face paint for anyone over the age of eight. 

Source and photo: Warner Bros. Pictures / YouTube.