WATCH: ‘Stranger Things’ Drops S2 Release Date In Apocalyptic New Teaser

Netflix game-changer Stranger Things finally has a release date for its second season, and the announcement couldn’t bloody well come soon enough. 

After long months spent watching the show’s young stars take over the entertainment industry – and breathlessly speculating about poor Barb’s fate – the streaming service has revealed Stranger Things Season 2’s October 27 premiere with a hype-worthy teaser and poster.

via Netflix.

That release date is a handful of days before its previously-expected Halloween release, which is an absolute blessing: you’ll be able to cobble together a v. timely costume based on whatever monstrosity the show kicks up.
If the concept of that extra-dimensional being whipping its appendages through the sky doesn’t get you keen for the spookiest holiday we’ve adopted from the Americans, we simply don’t know what to tell you. For the rest of you: get hype.

Source and photo: Netflix.