WATCH: Snoop Dogg Isn’t Quite Lit Enough To Accept How Sausages Are Made

It’ll only take a few more years for the legacy of Snoop Dogg’s bemused commentary to overtake his influence on the rap game.*
That’s what we can infer from his latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where the eponymous host somehow goaded the luminary into narrating the construction of hotdogs.
In the brand new segment entitled ‘Howz It Mizzade‘ – hurr hurr – the god-emperor of laidback rap speaks for us all when he realises the horrifying, goopy reality of the humble banger.
This isn’t the first time his ~unique~ take on things has been dubbed over the top of footage in the name of lulz, and a petition for him to legitimately narrate Planet Earth soared above 50,000 signatures.  
Just let him do it at this point, we reckon. Ol’ Snoop isn’t hurting anybody with his takes.

Source and photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live! / YouTube. 

*Yes, yes, we know his actual impact on the realm of hip hop is near-imperious, but come on. Watch how he plays Battlefield and tell us his presence in the broader entertainment industry isn’t appreciated.