WATCH: Snoop Dogg ID’s Bagpipes As A Hydra-Headed Bong On ‘Kimmel’

Look, Jimmy Kimmel has recruited the services of Snoop Dogg quite extensively in the past year, so you’d have to assume the legendary rapper and weed-culture touchstone would be liable to ham-up his persona for the Howz It Mizzade segment. 

That being said, to the untrained eye, the construction of bagpipes really does look like the birth of some occult smoking paraphernalia.

“Is it a bong? Is it a vape?,” the dude muses. “I mean, five or six people could hit it at one time.” And, just like that, some down-on-his-luck Scotsman unlocks his entrepreneurial potential. 

Beats listening to ’em, anyway. Watch: