Watch Sesame Street’s Masterful ‘Homeland’ Parody, ‘Homelamb’

As a barometer of all that’s relevant in popular culture, Sesame Street is the failsafe, friendly neighbourhood stalwart whose recent ventures in appropriating the zenith of television into their winning format have somehow managed to be of a consistently higher quality than their more mature contemporaries, like SNL or The Simpsons

Their pun-laden parody of Homeland, sheepishly titled Homelamb, is one such spot-on example: masterful in its appropriation of the show’s jazzy title sequence, Carrie’s manic hair-flicking, Estes and Saul’s characterisation and Brody’s sheep in wolf’s clothing duplicity, all the while managing to incorporate an age-old fable, all-ages laughs and a moral that the original show could stand to heed: the less Dana involved, the better.