Watch Sepp Blatter Get Showered With Bank Notes At FIFA Press Conference

Comedian Lee Nelson – who you might remember as the dude that crashed Kanye’s set at Glastonbury – clearly knows when he’s onto a good thing: pick a wildly despised character, interrupt a high profile event, and BOOM – get media coverage.

This time, he’s picked: disgraced FIFA president Sepp Blatter, in the press conference room at FIFA’s Zurich HQ, with the bank notes.

Here’s the shaky vid:

But look – his motives were pure. He was only trying to secure the World Cup for a country that hasn’t hosted a major sporting event in FOREVER.

Lord knows how he managed to bypass security, but it’s his ‘thing’ now – the man could give breaking and entering lessons to Danny Ocean. 

TBH this gets better and better with multi-angle viewing:

This guy   basically speaks for everyone this morning:

via The Telegraph