Vladimir Putin Has Said That Sepp Blatter Should Win A Nobel Prize

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia and widely known as a terrifying, homophobic, communist dictator, would like to make a recommendation for a Nobel Prize. Is that cool with you guys? Yeah? We know we’d totally, without a shred of doubt trust Poots with a recco for one of the most prestigious prizes in the world, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a Nobel Prize category for “Excellence in Corruption”. 
He’s recommended ex-FIFA boss Sepp Blatter, who recently stood down after it was revealed that he was receiving more corrupt ca$h than the combined income of a small country.
Putin said to The Huffington Post that Blatter “deserved the Nobel Prize”, and that he “doesn’t believe a word about him being involved in corruption personally.” He also gave a shout out to Blatter’s former colleagues art FIFA, and event executives at for other major sporting events:
“Heads of big international sporting federations, or the Olympic Games, deserve special recognition. If there is anyone who deserves the Nobel Prize, it’s those people.”
Image: Laurence Griffiths via Getty Images