Here are some things I discovered in the course of writing this article: there are 7475 goddamn episodes of ‘Neighbours‘ (and yet only 14 episodes of ‘Firefly‘, what a crime), also David Walliams, Matt Lucas and Lily Allen have all been on the show before.

Apparently the incredibly long-standing show about the deeply troubled residents of Ramsay Street has a history of celeb cameos – including André Rieu, that violin guy whose DVDs seem to be the only thing that Target sells – but this one might have slipped under the radar.
Sweetheart of both Triple J and the Australian people Matt Okine for some reason popped up in season 29 episode 129 (7475 episodes!) as a photographer trying to get characters Kyle and Kate to act like a married couple and, from context clues, this seems like a really hard job? Idk, a lot has happened on that show.
Unfortunately there’s no appearances by either of the show’s two heroes, Toadie or Harold, but it’s still a treat nonetheless. Take a gander:
Source and photo: Channel 10.