PSA: Matt Okine Is Very Nude Right Now, And Needs You To Know About It

Heads up everyone. Matt Okine is doing the last of his 22 Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows this evening, but he has something he needs to tell you. It appears that Matt Okine is pretty nude right now. 

Back in 2014, Okine promised a Daily Tele journo that he would not be getting nude at any of his future shows, or even rocking any nude leotards, as he “damaged enough retinas” with his iconic Arias look. 
Clearly, his position on nudity has changed, but why? On a scale of 1 to 10, how nude is Matt Okine? We don’t want to alarm you, but based on his recent Tweets, the answer appears to be 11. 

The question on Australia’s lips right now is whether or not the beloved triple j breakfast presenter could be any nuder. Well, Matt Okine is here to tell you in no uncertain terms that he could not. 

Why is Matt Okine wearing so few clothes right now? Is he nude in the privacy of his hotel, or does he plan to be nude in other places, also? Only Matt Okine knows for sure, and he isn’t saying. 

We have reached out to him for comment on this important story and will keep you updated as the Okine Peen ’16 situation develops.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Cassandra Hannigan / Getty.