WATCH: New ‘Better Call Saul’ Vid Teases The Return Of Gus’ Delicious Chook

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Better Call Saul is one of the best shows of the last few years, and in many respects an equal to Breaking Bad. Some say it’s better. I don’t necessarily agree but it’s definitely an equal.

Despite the fact that it’s carving its own path, there’s always going to be the desire to see classic Breaking Bad characters in the early life of Saul Goodman. You can’t what Walter White or Jesse Pinkman as they don’t canonically show up ’til later. But the real big dog, Gus Fring, was always going to be an inevitability.
A new clip from AMC teases Fring’s appearance in the series, via an in-universe promo for his restaurant/money laundering operation Los Pollos Hermanos.
Gus’ actor Giancarlo Esposito confirmed on Twitter that he’s baaaaaack.
Source: YouTube.