AMC Releases “Better Call Saul” Online Comic Book

The highly-anticipated premiere of ‘Better Call Saul’, Breaking Bad‘s promising spin-off, is almost upon us, friends. Australians will be treated to what is virtually a parallel premiere of ‘Better Call Saul’ to our US counterparts, as the first episode will drop on Sunday night in the US, and on Monday in Australia, on Farifax and Nine’s streaming network, Stan


To prepare yourself for that helluva drop, AMC has released an online comic book for your ogling pleasure on their website. It’s called “Client Development” and it looks fucking boss:

The comic has been released not only to whet your appetite and make Monday come sooner, but as an introduction to the Better Call Saul world – set on a timeline that precedes Walter White donning his tighty-whities and breaking no bueno. 

Mac McKean of AMC told Mashable that the comic should be seen as additional content, not strictly necessary to understand the upcoming show: “Not that this is something you must read to get Better Call Saul, but having those extra layers out there seems really appropriate for this particular type of storytelling and this type of show,” he said.

The comic goes deeper into a backstory behind Saul and Mike’s working relationship, springing off a moment that we first saw in Breaking Bad when Saul was introduced.

Following the look and premise of Breaking Bad’s “All Bad Things” comic, “Client Development” is a fascinating addendum to what will obviously be a flawless show. AMC will continue to expand on its immersive additional content by producing “Letters from Saul”, a weekly email subscription that will deliver, yep, letters from Saul, to other characters in the show. Bringing back epistolary entertainment, hell yes!

Watch the extended trailer for ‘Better Call Saul’ below. 

Via Mashable.