WATCH: Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ Trailer Comes With A Trigger Warning

If there was just one good reason to get hyped for the Netflix adaptation of Justin Simien‘s acclaimed ‘Dear White People‘, it’s that the alt-right have deemed it “anti-white”.

Fortunately, there’s a bunch more reasons to get excited about your future binge-watch. Logan Browning‘s Samantha White speaking down the microphone of her college’s radio studio and claiming that “having a black vibrator does not count as an interracial relationship,” for one. The same character accidentally accusing a black student of having white privilege, for another.

Set at an Ivy League college campus, the series follows a group of black students tackling both implicit and explicit racism as they aim to tackle white privilege on campus. Obviously, they don’t always get it right.

A teaser released in February sparked waves of backlash amongst the alt-right; former BuzzFeed writer and now prominent alt-right tweeter Tim Treadstone sparked it all when he claimed the series “promoted genocide”. Justice for this inane comment was swift: in forgetting to blur out his email address, Treadstone found himself signed up to 7,000 different mailing lists.

‘Dear White People’ arrives on Netflix April 28.

Photo: Netflix.