WATCH: Netflix Drops Sarah Silverman Stand-Up Trailer Ft Fake Congressman

Get ready to be incensed: controversial stand-up Sarah Silverman has unveiled her first special in more than three years, and her first ever Netflix Original, Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust

For a taster, Netflix have dropped a trailer, featuring “Republican Congressman” Tom Virtue, better known as the actor Tom Virtue from beloved Disney show Even Stevens
Virtue gives Silverman a resounding endorsement: 
This is not the inappropriate Sarah Silverman of recent times, but a wholesome comedy special about family. Sarah’s days of blue humour and politics meddling are over – that ship has sailed – as she’s had a true come-to-Jesus moment and is writing new material that the whole family can enjoy.” 
Of course this is the Silverman of yore, and all of the above is laughable, Silverman being open about her clinical depression, speaking of herself before as “very Jewish”, and having been a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Presidential race, before speaking in support of Hillary Clinton as she called calling ‘Bernie or Bust’ people ridiculous. 
So Silverman takes the earnest footage to the editing room to make a few minor adjustments: “I’d like to encourage you to watch Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust, a comedy special about family, politics, shitting, cumholes, Jesus, abortion and God.” 
You can watch A Speck of Dust on Netflix now. 
Photo: Michael Rowe / Netflix