You’d think Marvel would have pretty much filled the “brooding, hyper-violent vigilante” type in their televised universe with the upcoming Punisher series, but here we are: the trailer for the Jessica Jones offshoot Luke Cage has just released, and we are 110% about it. 

Featuring certified unit Mike Colter, the teaser is essentially a minute and a half of unstoppable beatdowns by a bloke with ridiculous strength and impenetrable skin. Has that combination of powers been tried before? Yes. To a soundtrack of Ol’ Dirty Bastard? No. No it has not. 

The show also promises to show off Netflix favourite Mahershala Ali (still in his House Of Cards duds, by the looks of it) and Rosario Dawson when it drops on September 30, but for the time being, we’ll have to make do with watching a henchman be folded into a car-door taco.

Despite all your rage, just watch the damn trailer:

Source and photo: Netflix US & Canada / YouTube.