Okay, sure, Rio might be proving that extremely talented + athletically superior heroes walk among us in the real world, but over in the Marvel world (or ‘universe’, as the nerds like to say) exist even superior heroes, also known as *superheroes*.

And one of them is coming to your laptop screen real soon.

That would be Luke Cage (Mike Colter), a.k.a. the invulnerable hero who had some really excellent sex with Jessica Jones in Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

His very own TV series is coming to Netflix at end of next month, which sees him return to Harlem to try and keep the peace while his nemesis – the crime boss Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes – tries his very hardest to fuck the peace right up.

It’s set in the aftermath of Jessica Jones, so fingers crossed that [spoilers? maybe?] old mate Jessica returns to do more of the excellent sex and crime fighting with him.

Anyway, he’s the first full trailer (a teaser dropped last month), and it looks bloody great.

Luke Cage is coming to Netflix on September 30.

Photo: Netflix.