WATCH: Miley Pauses Mid-Song To Comment On Fallon’s Trump Shitstorm

‘Softball’ is Jimmy Fallon‘s middle name – he prefers to play drinking games with his guests and pull goofy pranks on them rather than ask the tough questions, but he puts a little levity in the doom and gloom of the news cycle, and we love him for that. 
That being the case, Fallon has still been catching a lot of heat this week for the perception that he was too soft on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, choosing to muss the guy’s hair up instead of grill him on major policy issues. 
Negative mentions of The Tonight Show spiked 2300% on social media, but Fallon appears to be pushing right on through – an episode set to air next week has him interviewing Hillary Clinton while in a surgical mask, after her recent pneumonia bout.
Miley Cyrus stopped in for Friday night’s episode of the show, and while performing a cover of Bob Dylan‘s ‘Baby I’m In The Mood For You‘, paused mid-song to have a few words on the controversy. 
Cyrus has been pretty vocal about her opposition to Trump in the past, calling him a “fucking nightmare”, and she’s still no fan of his, but she was supportive of the host, saying:
“There is nowhere that I would rather be than right here in New York City playing this song with The Roots, and being here on Jimmy Fallon. Let’s all give it up for our host, who is always so much fun, unless you’re Donald Trump. And then don’t even think about messing with my hair, I’m serious.”

You can watch the full performance below, with Miley’s comments at around the 2:00 mark:

Photo: NBC / Getty.
Source: YouTube.