WATCH: Matthew McConaughey’s Rank Combover Owns The 1st ‘Gold’ Trailer

The McConnaissance shows zero signs of dissipating any time soon, and quite frankly, we are totally okay with that. 
The Texan mystic has been on a five-year winning streak, which means the trailer for his newie Gold is worth payin’ attention to – even with his ever-so-unfortunate ‘do. 

Matthew McConaughey portrays a greasy, grandiose Nevadan gold (duh) merchant who manages to strike it big in Borneo; elsewhere, Bryce Dallas Howard rocks up as what we can only assume is the moral centre of the flick, with the ever-slick Corey Stoll also doin’ his predatory thing. 

Director Stephen Gaghan’s picture comes across like Blood Diamond crossed with The Wolf Of Wall Street, with maybe just a splash of Jared Leto’s bodily transformation in Chapter 27. Maybe they shared tips on the set of Dallas Buyers Club. METHOD ACTING.

Check it out below, before its Christmas US release:

Source and photo: YouTube.