WATCH: L.A. Dude’s Hoverboard Is Too Fire, Actually Bursts Into Flames

In years to come, our children’s children’s children will hear tales of how 2015 was the year that everyone got a hoverboard for Christmas, and 2016 was the year everyone’s hoverboard straight-up fucking caught fire.
Right around the same time that Russell Crowe was arguing with Virgin Australia about their refusal to let him bring his kids’ hoverboards onto a commercial flight, a hoverboard was spontaneously bursting into flames on a Los Angeles street.
Former hoverboard owner Delvon Simmons had recently charged his $US 600 toy and was taking it out for a spin when out of nowhere, he face-planted, then saw smoke emanating from the bowels of the beast.
He later told CBS News:

“Face on the concrete. My legs are so sore. Thank goodness my hands went down first. Next thing I know. I see sparks flying, an explosion happening.”
“People be careful,” Simmons said on his YouTube channel, “they slipping cheap batteries in the boards to meet the demand.” 
Over Christmas, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson totally bloody stacked it while riding a hoverboard around the foyer of his house. A friendly PSA to any grown-ass adults who are somehow still riding these things:
Story: Nine News
Photo: YouTube