WATCH: John Oliver Lives Your Dream Of Literally Blowing 2016 The Fuck Up

Let’s be honest here: John Oliver did not come out of this election looking all that great. 

It turned out that the whole “Drumpf” thing and wildly pandering to people who already definitely didn’t support Trump didn’t actually take him down, but in retrospect, it was probably silly of anyone (including the comedians) to think that comedy was going to be the thing that stopped racism.
But it’s important to remember that, when he’s not alienating people that already felt like the entertainment industry was being condescending to them, he’s actually a pretty funny guy.
Even if you’re mysteriously (and possibly racistly) happy that Trump won, you have to admit that so far 2016 has sucked ass. The world has gone to shit, basically everyone good has died, and I’m sure 2016 is scheming to find ways to kill off the remaining good people before New Years.
So what better way to celebrate the very-almost-end-of-the-year than by getting a whole bunch of people to list the ways 2016 sucked? Oliver got a mix of randoms on the street and celebrities like Amy Schumer, Larry David and Nick Offerman to list why 2016 sucked for them and to give it a nice big “fuck you”.
Because geo-blocking is the fucking worst, please enjoy this video someone badly but importantly bootlegged:
My heart goes out to the guy who just wanted a photo with Bruce Willis, that would suck.
Source and photos: YouTube.