WATCH: John Oliver Confirms He’s Got The Hots For ‘Gilmore Girls’ Lorelai

Yesterday, you all lost your collective marbles over the ‘Gilmore Girls‘ trailer coming out for the upcoming Netflix special

In the trailer, Lorelai ponders whether Amy Schumer would want to be friends, and when Rory shuts her down with a flat no, she moves on to wondering if John Oliver would find her hot.

John Oliver is clearly bloody thrilled by his shoutout in the reboot of the iconic series – he responded to Lorelai during a guest spot on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘ with a definitive and powerful ‘YES, I DO’. 

en fuego, indeed. 
IRL, the actress who plays Lorelai, Lauren Graham, seems stoked and is now conducting some A+ Twitter flirtin’ of her own:
Source: Twitter.