Brew On Baddies: This Coffee Delivery Service Will Fuel Your Lorelai Gilmore Level Addiction

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Mates, if you’re the kinda person who only springs to life after their third cup of coffee in the morning à la Lorelai Gilmore, it’s a bloody good day for you and your goddamn wallet. The Melbourne-based coffee lords (also known as Thieves) have expanded their coffee subscription service to include Nespresso-compatible pods. You all can finally rejoice.

The flat white fiends already offer a subscription service that allows you to receive specially picked beans from a different Australian roaster each month. Now, they’re adding capsules to the service for all you pod people out there.

thieves coffee subscription

So how does the Thieves coffee subscription work?

It’s pretty simple, folks. All you gotta do is head over to the Thieves’ website, fill out an order form by selecting the number of capsules (it starts at 10 and goes all the way up to 500) or bags of beans (they range from 250g to 3kg and come in both filter and espresso roasts) per delivery, choose how often you’d like them delivered (either every one, two or three months), pop in your details and payment method, and viola, your new brew will be sent to your doorstep.

Each subscription starts at around $15 per month, including free shipping throughout Australia. Plus, you can pause, skip, change or cancel your order anytime. How bloody good?!

Oh, and for all our Aussie ex-pats who miss drinking proper coffee, they offer international posting too. Ya welcome!

Gift a coffee subscription

Given we’re so close to Christmas, we’re also going to do you a solid and mention that Thieves’ has a gifting option too. Starting at $75 for beans and $45 for pods, Thieves offer three, six or 12-month coffee subscription gifts that’ll see the coffee lover in your life receive a delicious delivery each month and a personalised card with the first delivery. Aww!

Can you recycle Thieves coffee pods?

Depending on how you like your coffee, you’ll either get pods that are 100% certified compostable pods or recyclable aluminium ones. For the aluminium capsules, Thieves work with TerraCycle to offer a free recycling program through which you can ship your coffee pods with a pre-paid shipping label, and TerraCycle recycles them.

Sounds pretty tasty, huh?! If you’re keen to learn more about getting your hands on a coffee subscription? Head here.