WATCH: Homer Simpson Visited The Opera House & Got Mauled By Flying Rats

While it might not be quite as good as a follow up to the seminal, unbelievably good ‘Simpsons‘ classic ‘Bart vs Australia‘, we’ve been given another, blessed taste of the Simpsons universe acknowledging that Australia exists, in the form of Homer Simpson gently owning us in a short video.
The clip is to promote an appearance by Simpson’s creator Matt Groening and features Homer, Sydney Opera House, a seal (one can only assume the Sydney seal) and Australia’s national bird (didn’t check, but probably true), the humble seagull.
Homer takes some shots at our ridiculous dumbfuck accent, our dumbfuck celebrities and our dumbfuck evil media magnates, but also thanks us for our two greatest national exports: Wolverine and Harley Quinn.
Have a watch for yourself:
Incredible areas.
Groening is in town speaking at GRAPHIC at the Opera House, in a conversation with cartoonist and writer Lynda Barry, on November 5th. You can cop tickets right HERE.
Source: Sydney Opera House.