I won’t lie – when I started work today I wondered who was going to die on my shift. Would we lose another musical, acting or sporting legend, or would we get thrown a curveball with a childhood star who was pretty lucky to make it past their teenage drug addiction anyway? Either way, I was nervous. Scared, even.

While I haven’t received the virtual knock of death just yet (the day is young), a gem has surfaced which encapsulates the way all of us are feeling about this unfathomable turd of a year. It’s a mock movie trailer which strings all of the fucked up moments of the last 12 months into a horror movie preview, and look, it’s actually really fkn on point.

Created by Friend Dog Studios (whatever that is – idk they have a sufficient amount of subscribers), the comedy studio looks back at everything from the uncalled for deaths of Bowie, Prince, Ali and more, as well as the election of Trump and phones blowing up outta nowhere. Although it would give me greater pleasure than several people I boned this year, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you, so pls watch it for yourself below.

Normally this would be the part where I give you a critical review, but someone just died so I must tend to the story.

Source: YouTube.
Photo: YouTube.