WATCH: First ‘Wonder Woman’ Footage Is More Proof She Can Totally Hang

Dear reader, we see your unquenchable thirst for superhero blockbusters. We know the batshit-insane Suicide Squad trailer should be enough to tide you over. We also know the comic universe has too many fantastic heroes bubbling up to the cinematic surface for us to enforce a strict One Franchise Per Day rule. 

Evidently, DC feel the same way. Case in point: the world’s first look at Wonder Woman footage, dropped today on the world, spoiling the lot of us. 

Gal Gadot & Co. set the scene as an origin story, but hold your groans – a character that’s been so underdone in film for so long gets the benefit of the doubt. If that doesn’t persuade you, howsabout the knowledge she’s been confirmed as the best fighter in the DC universe? 

Fire up your invisible jets below:

Source: Youtube.