Patty Jenkins Becomes Highest-Paid Woman Director Ever For ‘Wonder Woman 2’

Months after Wonder Woman officially became the highest-grossing film ever helmed by a female director, Patty Jenkins has officially signed on to helm its sequel – and you can be bloody well sure that her next pay cheque is representative of the Hollywood juggernaut she helped create.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jenkins is set to become the highest-paid woman director of all time with Wonder Woman 2, reflecting her skills in both crafting a deadset fantastic superhero flick and creating a highlight of DC’s oft-maligned cinematic universe. After all, Wonder Woman wound up as Warner Bros.’ third-highest grossing film at the American box office of all time.

THR sources indicate Jenkins could well be earning between $8m and $11m for her writing and directorial duties on the Amazonian follow-up, which is a marked bump from the $1.24m payday she received from the first Gal Gadot-led flick.

That will bring her closer to parity with Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder, who pocketed a similarly nutso amount of cash for his flawed blockbuster.

Wonder Woman 2 is slated for release December 13, 2019.