Gal Gadot Drops First ‘Wonder Woman’ Pic, Hypes Planet For Hero’s Solo Film

To the critics who said Gal Gadot ain’t the one to play Wonder Woman: Cool your (invisible) jets, because the actress just dropped a new shot that’s just straight-up Amazonian.

As for the ’75 years’ deal? Patty Jenkins is helming the first solo flick for the first great female superhero after almost eight decades of lasso-swinging action. The film is slated for 2017, but Gadot will technically make her first silver-screen appearance as WW on Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

The hero’s costume was debuted last year at San Diego Comic-Con, leading to some legit hype for her debut.

So far, the iconic red, blue and gold get up is conspicuously missing, but a lil’ brown probably won’t stop an indestructible demi-god who can literally fly.

Story via Hollywood Reporter. 
Image via Twitter.