Watch: First Wilfred Trailer

For many, the failed US version of Kath and Kim confirmed the limited universal appeal of Australian comedies and/or America’s inability to reboot them – but in the first trailer for America’s take on ABC cult comedy Wilfred the translation feels seamless and dare I say, promising. For those unfamiliar, Wilfred is a gruff anthropomorphic dog who smokes copious amounts of weed and cock-blocks the potential suitors of his beloved female owner. Australian co-creator/writer Jason Gann is the titular foul-mouthed pooch while Lord Of The Rings’ Elijah Wood and Californication’s Fiona Gublemann play hapless suitor and dog owner respectively.

The trailer hints at a quicker pace and darker tone than the original with Wood contemplating suicide before agreeing to watch his neighbour’s dog, who, unbeknown to everyone but Wood, is an Aussie dude in dog suit. Extra points for making drugged out Elijah Wood look like Frodo scaling Mount Doom on meth. You know, this just might work. Check out the trailer below…