Watch Every Notable Film Of 2009 In 7 Minutes

So I woke up this morning got down on my knees, closed my eyes and prayed to the Internet God.

“Dear Internet God” I said “I would LOVE it if a video encapsulated all the best parts of all the best films released this year. I know you must be real busy Internet God with all the Ebay Christmas buying and all, but it’d be like a trailer for the year in film set to buoyant indie-crossover hits and it would have an action packed opener, lighthearted middle and uplifting conclusion. I could almost bypass watching the films I missed this year by watching this epic trailer and I’d get that “THIS IS SPARTA!” fuck yeah moment again and again and again. The sheer euphoria of it will make me want to throw my laptop out the window. I don’t know if you have TV’s or epic trailers in heaven Internet God but if you did I’m sure it’s the most badass cloud-mounted plasma ever – I could lend this trailer to you as well, if you wanted. Anyway I have to go to work soon but I also pray for world peace, less anonymous commenting, more stringent Wikipedia entry policies and the ability to find those messages I lost when my Email wigged out that day. Thanks Internet God. Amen.”

Four hours later I found this. So yeah, there is an (Internet) God.