Paul Feig is the master of the ‘OH GOD THIS TRAILER IS SO SO SO BAD, BUT HAS PIQUED MY CURIOSITY SO I WILL SEE IT‘ and then the movie turns out to be really bloody good. 

However, the directors (Paranormal Activity 4‘s Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman) of new film ‘Nerve’ may not be able to deliver the same kind of trickery. 

Starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, this film tries to highlight the inane craziness of internet virality, and does it very badly from the looks of things. This might legitimately be one of the worst trailers that we’ve suffered through for a while. 

Two good-looking people sign up to this ~crazy new game on the internet~ which unfoundedly gets totally out of control, and they realise that they’ve become ~prisoners of the game~

It’s a metaphor, man. Fantasy and reality are totally intertwined now, maaaaaan. 

OH AND THE FAT JEW CAMEOS AS A TATTOO ARTIST. So if that’s not enough to tell you that this is gonna be ardently terrible, then we dunno what kinda entertainment you’re after. 

Disclaimer: If you loved ‘Spring Breakers’, this might legitimately be up your alley. 

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Photo: Youtube.