If you think Cleverman is the only piece of true-blue Australian television copping some love on this fine eve, you are in for a burly, bogan surprise. 

Spinning off from the utterly bewildering but equally brilliant The Big Lez Show, everyone’s favourite council worker Mike Nolan has landed his own, honest-to-God webseries for Comedy Central.

After cranking out their munted brand of comedy to 27 million viewers, the cooked team of Jarrad Wright, Izak Whear and Tom Hollis are smashing out this five-part miniseries. 
We repeat: these fukken druggos have officially jumped from YouTube domination to… well, dominating everything else, apparently.

The second local commission for the channel after Aunty Donna’s Trendy promises to be a straight-talking, dart-huffing, Stubbie-rocking slice of Australiana. Youse druggos can get around it when the first ep lands on June 10 and every Friday after.
Watch the trailer right here:

The Mike Nolan Show: The Trailer from MTV Australia on Vimeo.

You’ll be able to check out all the episodes over at ComedyCentral.com.au.

Source and photo: Vimeo.