Those of you who have ever wrapped your lookin’ gear around an episode of The Big Lez Show and pondered aloud about how good snapping the top off a cold one with Mike Nolan would theoretically be, you’ve now got a chance to get as close to achieving that as you ever possibly could thanks to a specially brewed run of Mike Nolan beer.

The great man himself now, quite rightfully, has a fully-fledged tinnie named in his honour, thanks to Sydney-based Froth Whitlam enthusiasts Yulli’s Brews.

The Mike Nolan’s XXX Bronze comes in a fetching tinnie, clocks in at a healthy 4.2% ABV. According to the brewers, the beer “tastes like a sunset on the beach with your feet in the sand and a wendy in your hand.” You simply gotta love that.

The beer was announced and released yesterday, with a ringing endorsement from Nolan himself. Praise from the Big Dog. The most prestigious seal of approval you could ever get.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is the beer is apparently so crisp and so bloody smooth that it’s already run clean out of stock.

Yulli’s Brews website is listing the beer as being sold out for the time being, presumably because they underestimated just how much weight a Mike Nolan endorsement truly carries (shitloads).

Whether or not the prized froth makes it back onto shelves remains to be seen at this stage, but big bloody cheers to the lucky sods who managed to get their hands on some while they lasted.

Cheers, cunts.

Image: Facebook / Yulli's Brews