Well, here’s a tasty little tidbit for ya. Whether or not he was supposed to – and whether or not there are festival PR charging around pulling their hair out right now – Liam Gallagher has confirmed in an interview with GQ Australia that he’ll be heading our way for Falls Festival at the end of the year.

Chatting about how long its been been since he graced us with his abrasive presence – and chatting about his mate who lives in Wagga Wagga – Gallagher casually dropped that he’ll be down here for Falls.

Yeah, Wagga Wagga – so good they named it twice.

It’s like the New York of Australia [laughs]. Every time I’ve been out there, it’s been cool. And we’re coming out there, doing the Falls Festival. So, we’re gonna be there for New Year’s Eve. So I can’t wait, man –
  love it. It’s beautiful. I’m bringing me two boys out as well, they’re at the age now where they can come and travel.

They’re mad for this stoner cartoon, The Big Lez Show. It’s like
a fucking Australian Cheech and Chong. They love a bit of that Australian vibe.

It’s up to you to decide whether the biggest revelation is that he’s coming to Australia again, or that his kids like The Big Lez ShowDifferent strokes for different folks.

Read the full chat over at GQ.

Source: GQ
Image: Getty Images