It was announced yesterday that Netflix is rebooting hugely influential 00s reality show ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy‘. 

One of the first questions everyone asked (and yes, that includes in our Facebook comment section) was if the original cast was be returning, or if a whole new Fab 5 would be brought in. 

Sorry to disappoint – but it’s a new cast. We knnnnoooooowwww, we’re devo too. 

TMZ spoke to OG Fab 5 leader Carson Kressley about the reboot news, and he totally agrees – it probably won’t have the same magic as the original series. 

“The producers actually called me before the story broke and were like, ‘Hey we wanna let you know, we’re redoing the show with a new dynamic cast’, and I was like ‘*disappointed noise*‘. 

I think they want a young new cast, which I totally get, and they always do this when reboot shows, but I’m like, ‘I’m not Mickey Rooney! I’m still alive and kicking, I can still do it!'”

Kressley speaks about the time in which the original show was set, and how the 13 years between the two series’ makes a huge difference in terms of how far the LGBTQIA community has come:

“There’s really never a way to recreate that same magic, so it’ll be a different kind of magic. We had, y’know, it was a great time, because people were like, ‘ooh, the gays, hmm, I don’t know, let’s see what they’re about!’ So it’s kind of voyeuristic and now I hope we’re a little more advanced. 

It was such a such an amazing experience for me, that I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great to ‘gay it forward’ and have somebody else get that amazing experience? And make their career and change their life and have the time of their life? So I wish nothing but good for the new team.”

He also says he actually even put forward a few names for the new cast, too:

“I did suggest a few names, because I do know a couple of gays!”

Finally, Kressley says it’s good the show is returning, because “we need it now more than ever”:

“Let’s make America gay again!”

Watch the video below:

WATCH: Carson Kressley Says ‘Queer Eye’ Reboot Won’t Have The Same Magic

Source: TMZ.

Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty.

WATCH: Carson Kressley Says ‘Queer Eye’ Reboot Won’t Have The Same Magic